Brandon Harvie
July 18, 2022 | New Features | Brandon Harvie

New Update: Credit Card Updater

We are thrilled to announce some significant updates for Credit Card Updater for Canadian and US wineries. 

For Canadian Wineries:

Credit Card Updater is now available for all Canadian Wineries. WineDirect's Credit Card Updater tool automatically updates your wine club members' expired, lost, or stolen credit cards. You can significantly improve your team's efficiency and make time for more valuable customer service activities by eliminating the hassle of multiple phone calls and emails.

For US Wineries:

Along with already working with Visa, Mastercard, and Discovery cards, we are excited to announce American Express (Amex) credit cards now work with Credit Card Updater. Enjoy smooth updates for all major credit cards without contacting the customer directly.

Eligibility Requirements:

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For more information on Credit Card Updater, check out our documentation site here.


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