Credit Card Updater

WineDirect's credit card updater tool automatically updates your wine club members' expired, lost, or stolen credit cards. Be eliminating the hassle of multiple phone calls and emails, you can greatly improve your team's efficiency and make time for more valuable customer service activities.

Credit card updater is available for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards. Each card is checked on a rolling 40 day cycle. If an update is available, you will be charged $1 per card updated.

How it Works: Learn the ins and outs of how the credit card updater tool keeps your cards up to date. Learn More >

Notification Emails: Choose whether to alert your club members via email when their card is updated. Learn More >

Card Updater Notes: Learn more about the admin facing customer notes that record the updates made to a customer record when the updater tool adjusts the customer's account. Learn More >

Card Updater Report: Learn about the credit card updater report so you can see what contact's card were updated and what is a billable update. Learn More >

FAQs: See the other questions that get asked time and time again. Learn More >

How It Works

When you sign up for Credit Card Updater, we will check all eligible cards on file for your club members (active and on hold clubs). After that, cards will be checked on a rolling 40 day basis. If a card is expired, lost or stolen the card updater service will contact the appropriate credit card provider for updated card information. If available, the new card information will be pushed back to your contacts and update their accounts. There are three types of credit card updates:

  • New Card = New card added and set primary for club memberships, the old card will remain but is not associated with a club membership.
  • Expired Card = Card on file updated with new expiry
  • Account Closed (Contact Customer) = Customer's account with Visa or MasterCard has been closed the old card will remain and a note will be placed on the Notes tab of the customer record, and an email will be sent to let the customer know to update their card on file. 

Note that the billing for each successful credit card updated ($1 per card) will be added to your next WineDirect bill. This includes the three update types above: new card, new expiry and account closed.

Membership Status & Does It Check:

  • Active: Updates happen and emails get sent to the contacts.
  • On Hold: Updates happen, but no emails get sent to the contacts.
  • Cancelled: No updates happen and no emails get sent to the contacts.

 Eligibility Requirements:

  • US or Canadian Winery
  • Currently using WineDirect Payments 

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Notification Emails

You can choose whether or not your club members receive a notification email when their credit card is updated. Most subscription services that use automatic card updates (such as Netflix or Amazon) do not send out email notifications. However, some wineries choose to send these notices for transparency.

To enable or disable the notification emails, to go Settings > Website Settings > Store tab > Orders section > Payment Options > Check on/off "Opt Out of Customer Card Updater Emails" 

Note that the 'Opt Out' option is only visible if the Credit Card Updater featue is active

If you do choose to send notification emails, these will automatically fire directly from your winery account. This makes the email document easily recognizable to your club member. The email document is located under System Emails with the subject Your Credit Card has been updated and contains auto-populating data tags //FirstName//, //LastName//, and //CardUpdate//.

We encourage you to edit the default language in this email to match your brand's tone of voice and include appropriate contact information should your club member have questions or concerns about the update. 

Default Email Content

Subject: Your Credit Card has been updated

Credit Card Updated
Your credit card for your club membership was updated!   

Dear //FirstName//,

We noticed that your credit card was a little out of date. To ensure that you'll receive your selection of wine, the card on file for your club membership has just been updated from your credit card provider.


Note that your card provider is only providing updates for this account - a new expiration or a new number which you have already securely received and activated (there is no action needed). If this update doesn't look correct to you, please contact us right away.

Thanks very much for being a member!

The //CardUpdate// auto-populating data tag will contain one of the following messages depending on the type of card update that took place. (Card numbers shown below are samples to illustrate the content in the messages)

  1. New Card: 
    • Your previous [CardType] card number xxxxxxxxxxxx1111 has been replaced with your new card [CardType] card number xxxxxxxxxxxx2222.
  2. New Expiry: 
    •  Your card [CardType] card number xxxxxxxxxxxx1111 has been updated with a new expiration date.
  3. Contact Customer:
    • We weren't able to update your [CardType] card number xxxxxxxxxxxx1111 for some reason, please contact us to update your payment information.

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Card Updater Notes

In addition to the notification emails that are sent to the customer, a customer note will be placed on the customer record noting any changes that are made. 

You can reference notes Notes on each individual customer record using the Notes tab. Alternatively, review all club member notes from under the Dashboard > Notes section of the Admin Panel. 

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Credit Card Updater FAQs

  1. How often will cards be updated?
  2. Can we manually check for a card update?
  3. Is WineDirect Payments required for this tool?
  4. How do I see the cards that are updated?
  5. Are all credit cards sent, or only club member's cards?
  6. My customer claims his card wasn't expired, why was it updated? 

How often will cards be updated?

Credit cards are checked on a rolling 40 day basis. If a card is declined or expires within the 40 day time frame, it will be checked within 5 business days.

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Can we manually check for a card update?

No. You are not able to manually check for card updates at this time.

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Is WineDirect Payments required for this tool?

Yes. Credit Card Updater is only available through WineDirect Payments to US and Canadian clients. 

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How do I see the cards that are updated?

You can view the card updater report in your reporting tools. Each contact will also have a note added to their contact record.

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Are all credit cards sent, or only club member's cards?

Credit Card Updater only checks cards for active or on-hold club members. Former club members' cards will not be checked. In the case of a member who has cancelled one club, but is still active in another club, only the card tied to the active club would be checked.

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My customer claims his card wasn't expired, why was it updated?

The card updater tool will check with the credit card provider for the most up to date credit card information on the account. Here are a few reasons that their card may have been updated:

  1. The card provider is issuing an updated card (for example, an EMV capable card).
  2. The current card type may be discontinued. This could be due to a bank merger. 
  3. There has been a new card added to the cardholder's account.

In any case, it is best for a customer to contact their credit card issuer (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Amex) with any specific follow-up questions related to their credit card account.

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