Corinna Wang
September 22, 2021 | New Features | Corinna Wang

New: The Most Secure Checkout in The Industry

To further protect your winery from fraudulent bot attacks, we've automatically added a new, invisible layer of security known as reCAPTCHA to your V2 website checkout. WineDirect is deeply committed to the highest standards of security while ensuring your conversion rates stay high and this enhanced fraud protection does just that.

Key Benefits: Google’s reCAPTCHA 

This invisible and frictionless version works to detect bots in the background and returns a risk score that tells the WineDirect system if the interaction is suspicious and could indicate a bot user. It scores traffic with its Adaptive Risk Analysis Engine and does not force your consumers to click anything extra. Your checkout experience will look exactly the same to your consumer, and you will be protected from bot attacks. Win-win. >>Read full documentation here.

Implementation details:

The reCAPTCHA feature from Google is automatically deployed on your checkout if you're using the current V2 checkout tools and no action is required by you. If you are currently using legacy checkout tools, learn why you should upgrade and how to implement the current checkout tools.

If you have any questions, please read through the documentation and then reach out to with any questions. We hope you enjoy the most secure checkout in the industry as we move into this busy holiday shopping season!



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