reCAPTCHA Enterprise for Checkout 

The reCAPTCHA feature from Google is automatically deployed on your checkout if you're using the current checkout tools. The reCAPTCHA Enterprise version is designed to help prevent certain types of automated financial attacks on your web store without disrupting your consumers checkout experience. 

Key Benefits: Google’s reCAPTCHA

This invisible version works to detect bots in the background and returning a risk score that tells the WineDirect system if the interaction is suspicious and could indicate a bot user. It scores traffic with its Adaptive Risk Analysis Engine and does not force your consumers to perform interactive challenges. Your checkout experience will look the same to your consumer, and you will be protected from bot attacks, Win-win.

Checkout workflow and reCAPTCHA action:

When a website user initiates a transaction by starting the checkout flow, the reCAPTCHA logic will trigger and evaluate in the background the likelihood of a real user vs a bot. When reCAPTCHA evaluates user behavior using an AI model that learns over time, it returns a risk score that is used to determine what automated action is taken by the system.

  • If the score indicates that the user is likely a real user, they will continue to enjoy a frictionless experience on your site.
  • If the score indicates that the user is likely a bot, the system will not submit the payment form, and will instead present a message saying “We could not verify your information. Please, contact the winery.” Additionally, buttons to continue the transaction will be disabled.

Our goal is to find the optimal balance between reducing fraudulent transactions without introducing friction for your real consumers. Rarely, real users could be blocked from completing their purchase online if their behavior is flagged as suspicious. 

Implementation details:

  • reCAPTCHA is only compatible with our latest checkout tools. If you are using our legacy checkout tools, learn why you should upgrade here. Once upgraded, you will receive additional protection on your checkout against fraudulent transactions and bot attacks.
  • Folks using the current checkout tools have had the reCAPTCHA module installed automatically in the shopping cart / checkout pages of your website - no action required by you.
  • Requires at least 72 hours after being activated for the Google AI to develop a useful model to determine a human vs bot website visitor. As it’s fed more data, it’s scoring outcomes will become more accurate.
  • Use of this feature is included with your current plan at no additional cost.

To deactivate reCAPTCHA for a site:

The reCAPTCHA checkout implementation can be deactivated on your checkout by submitting a request through the below form:

reCAPTCHA Cart Opt-Out Form
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