Vin65 Team
April 27, 2017 | New Features | Vin65 Team

Introducing POS Category Assignments for POS Profiles

The data on your POS needs to be well organized so your staff can focus on selling to your customers.

To make this easier, we're introducing assignments for POS Categories to POS Profiles, so you can display only the products you want within each of your POS Profiles.

When you add a new POS Category, make sure you assign it to a POS Profile (or a few!). Only the products within that Category will then be displayed on your POS. Similar to how you can currently arrange products within a Category, you will also be able to arrange the order in which your Categories display within your Profiles so you can choose which products your staff sees first. 

By default, all existing POS Categories will apply to all POS Profiles and you will not be affected until you go into either POS Categories or POS Profiles to modify the assignment settings. You can also assign Categories to your POS Profiles directly from the POS Profile section of the admin panel.

Learn more about assigning Categories in POS Profiles > 


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