Email Customers

The Email Customers function is a feature that allows you to send any email documents to one or more customers by using the mass order Actions tool. You will be able to target a specific audience by selecting any email document that you wish to send. To learn more about creating, editing, and viewing email documents, please read the Email Documents documentation.

Send Email To Customers: Learn how to use the Email Customers tool to send mass email documents to a specific audience. Learn More > 

Send Email To Customers

Follow the steps to send mass emails to customers:

1. In the Admin Panel, navigate to Store > Orders.

2. Use the left hand search parameters to find the order(s) you wish to work with.

3. Check one or more boxes in the order listing for the Actions drop down menu to appear.

4. Select Email Customers.

5. In the Email Customers pop-up window, you can choose the Email Category and the Email Document that you wish to send. A listing of the order numbers with their corresponding customer names will also appear below. 

6. Click Send Email to send the email document to your customers.

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