Change Shipping Status

The Change Shipping Status function allows you to change the shipping status of multiple orders at once. Please note that the maximum amount of orders which can be selected is 100. To learn more about the different shipping statuses, please read the Shipping Statuses documentation

Change Shipping Status: Learn how to change the shipping status for mass orders by using the mass order Actions tool. Learn More >

Change Shipping Status

Follow the steps to learn how to change shipping statuses:

1. From the Admin Panel, navigate to Store > Orders

2. Use the left hand search parameters to find the order(s) you wish to work with.

3. Check one or more boxes in the order listing for the Actions drop down menu to appear.

4. Select Change Shipping Status

3. In the Change Shipping Status window, select the shipping status you want to change the orders to from the Shipping drop down menu. Shipping Status options include Sent to Fulfilment, Shipped, Picked Up, Handled Externally, No Shipping Required, and Pending Carrier Pickup

4. After the shipping status is selected, a Date is required to show the day that the shipping status change was made.

5. Click Apply Changes.

6. After the shipping statuses have changed in the progess bar, click Close Window to exit. 

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