Inventory Summary

The inventory summary report is designed to show the current inventory count for each of your SKUs for each of the inventory pools that you hold. You will also be able to reference the out of stock messaging settings for each product. 

There are several filter parameters you can use to find the information that you need. Below is a list of each of the filter: 

Status View All SKUs using inventory or View on SKUs with Low Inventory.
Type Select to search for Only SKUs with Inventory or All SKUs. If Only SKUs With Inventory is selected, this will report all SKUs that are selected as Product Uses Inventory in the Product SKUs section. SKUs with an inventory of 0 will still appear. 
Pool Select the specific Inventory Pool you want to report on or select All Pools.
Brand Select the brand(s) associated with the SKUs that you wish to report on. 
Department If you have Product Departments setup you can select a which department you want to report on.
Category The website page that a SKU is assigned to.
SKU Enter a secific SKU only see counts for that individual SKU.
Product Enter a specific product name to see counts for that individual product. 

Reports export in .CSV format.

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Here are the definitions of the what will populate in your Inventory Summary report:

Product Name Name of the product.
Product SKU SKU number for the product.
Department Code The code associated with the department that the product is assigned to. 
Department The Product Department that the product is assinged to. 
Sub Department Code The code associated with the sub department that the product is assigned to.
Sub Department The Sub Product Department that the product is assinged to. 
Pool The inventory pool that the inventory count is from.
Inventory The inventory count (number of units).
Notification Level The set threshold that a product must reach before sending a low inventory notice email.
Out Of Stock Option

What the product will do once it reaches a 0 [zero] inventory count. 

  • Deactivate Product
  • Don't Sell [but display an out of sotck message on the website]
  • Back Order [continue to sell the SKU regardless of inventory]

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