POS Contact's Credit Cards

The Credit Card tab stores encrypted credit card information that is saved to a person’s customer record. A contact can retain multiple credit cards on file. Cards will automatically be stored for club members when they signup for a club membership and can be added in for general customers by an admin. If a customer has username/password information to login to you website they will also be able to save a card on file in their member pages (for more information please see the Member Area > Credit Card Documentation).

To Add A Credit Card From POS

1. Click on the Add Credit Card button.

2. Add Credit Card forms will appear and fill out every field. Name On Card, Credit Card Number, Expiry Month and Expiry Year are mandatory fields. Click Save when you are done.

3. Click Primary Card checkbox if you would like to make the credit card the default / primary card for the contact when a new order is being created.

4. If you want to apply or update the credit card on a specific Club Membership, use the checkboxes under Update club membership(s) with this card? By default, if you are editing a credit card that is currently being used on any memberships, the clubs will be auto-checked off. 

5.  Click Save, and you will be redirected back to the List Credit Cards screen where you can see all of the customer's credit card information at a glance.

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