Contacts on POS

The POS application allows you to search for existing contacts from your cloud database or add new contacts right on the ipad. You will also be able to manage the customer on the POS application, adjusting things like: 

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Add A Contact

1. Click on the Guest icon and click Add New Contact.

2. Fill out the contact form. To speed up data entry a drivers licence can be swiped to collect as much customer data as legally possible. Please note: not all states/provinces have magnetic strips on their licences, those without cannot be read when swiped.

3. Click Add More Info if you would like to enter more customer information into the profile.  Click Add when done.

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Managing Contact on POS

Contact Dashboard

The contact dashboard has all the contact's information aggregated in one area for your review.  It will show the customer information, statistics, club memberships, order history and tasks.

1. Click on the contacts name and click Manage Contact.

2. The Contacts Dashboard will appear and click on Edit Customer.

3. Once you click on Edit Customer, the Edit Contact window will pop up.

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