Credit Cards

The Credit Cards section of the members pages allows customers to manage their credit cards on profile. The page will show all credit cards used by the customer for orders. Customers will be able to add brand new credit cards, edit existing cards or delete a card.

Edit Existing Credit Card: Learn how customers can edit their credit card information. Learn More >

Add A Credit Card: Learn how customers can add a new credit card to their information. Learn More >

Delete Credit Cards: Learn how customers can delete existing credit cards. Learn More >

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Edit Existing Credit Card

To edit an existing credit card on a customer's profile, the following information will be required:

  • Credit Card Type
  • Card Number
  • Expiration Month
  • Expiration Year
  • Name On Card

There will be a field called Primary. This indicates to the Vin65 system whether this is the credit card that will auto-populate whenever the customer processes an order.

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Adding A New Credit Card

Customers are able to add new credit cards by clicking the Add A New Credit Card button. This will then prompt the customer to fill out all of the necessary information(s).

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Deleting Existing Credit Cards

The customer can remove a credit card stored by clicking the Delete button.

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