Barcode Scanners Setup

The WineDirect POS applications supports the use of compatible Bluetooth barcode scanners that can be used to scan items to add them to an order rather than having to enter them manually from the POS. For the Desktop version you can use most Barcode Scanners that use USB Keyboard emulation.

Setup on iOS: Learn how to set up your barcode scanner with iOS devices. Learn More > 

Setup on Desktop: Learn how to set up your barcode scanner with the desktop POS. Learn More >

Scanning Your Products: Learn how to add UPC codes to products and scan them. Learn More > 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions regarding scanner setup. Learn More > 

Pairing Your Scanner

Bellow are a few basic setup steps to pair your scanner to your iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad). 

What you'll need:

  • Compatible Barcode Scanner: Socket Scanners, Datalogic Gryphon GD4520, Durascan D700
  • iPad, iPod, or iPhone with Vin65 POS application installed

Scanner Setup

Please Note: The steps below are for a basic pairing setup of your scanner. For complete setup instructions please consult the hardware manual for your appropriate scanner or download the Socket Mobile Companion App here.

Links to Hardware Manual: (Socket Mobile 7Xi 2D ScannerSocket Mobile 7Ci 1D Scanner or Socket Mobile Scanner 700 Series).

1. Turn on your scanner by pressing and holding the small power button until the LED turns blue and the scanner beeps twice. Next, press both the scan and power buttons at the same time on your scanner to enter pairing mode.

2. On your iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod) navigate to Settings > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth On. This will begin scanning for available devices.

3. Select the appropriate Socket device from the list of available devices: Socket 7Xi (for 2D scanners) or Socket CHS (for 1D Scanners).

4. Make sure the device reads Connected. Now you're ready to go.

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Desktop Barcode Scanners

When using the WineDirect POS on your Desktop, you can use a Barcode Scanner to scan the barcodes of your Products.

What you'll need:

To scan your product follow these steps:

1. Open up the WineDirect POS in your Google Chrome Browser. ( for Australia)

2. Click the "Barcode" button at the top of the screen beside the "Search" magnifying glass.

3. Use the barcode scanner to scan the barcode on your product.

The product will be added to the cart. To scan the next product press the "Barcode" button again. Before your products can be scanned though, they will need to be setup in WineDirect to have an appropriate UPC code. Below we explain how to set that up.

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Scanning Products

For the barcode scanner to work and add products to your cart session, you will need to ensure that all of your products in WineDirect have the appropriate UPC code, so that when a barcode is scanned it will select the correct product. 

Adding UPC Codes

To add a UPC code to a product you will want to navigate to Store > Products > Select a Product > Manage SKUs. You will then be able to edit the UPC code. Learn more about the 'Manage SKUs' section click here.



Scanning Barcodes

Once you have opened the POS and are ready to place orders you can simply scan a barcode to add 1 item to your cart. Scanning a barcode multiple times will increase the quantity in the cart by 1 unit.

If the barcode that you have scanned is similar to another barcode or is being used on multiple products in WineDirect you will see a SKU selection (similar to products with multiple SKUs) which will allow you to select to correct product that you wish to add.

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Barcode Scanner FAQs

  1. Why is my barcode scanner not pulling items into the cart?

Why is my barcode scanner not pulling items into the cart?

If you have verified that your barcode scanner is connected, but is not adding items to the cart, there may be a configuration error. If using the mobile scanner you will want to ensure that it is set to iOS mode, and not keyboard mode. This can be adjusted using the 'command barcodes' in your Socket Mobile user manual. 

You will also want to verify the UPCs that you have entered in WineDirect. As shown in the images for adding the UPCs,  you will need to leave off the initial '0'. 

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