Inventory Reports

If you are using Inventory options on the Vin65 platform you will be able to generate reports on products assigned to using inventory. For more information on the inventory options please see the Inventory Documentation. The following is a list of each of the Inventory Reports available on the Vin65 platform as well as a description of what each report contains:

List of Inventory Reports

Inventory Summary: This report allows you to view a summary of all your products using inventory settings, their current inventory amount, notification level, and out of stock message.

Inventory Transactions: This report allows you to view each inventory transaction for products using inventory. It will display Start Balance, any changes inventory + or - , and the End Balance of products using inventory between the date range selected.

Inventory Velocity: This report reviews the sales of a SKU over the last 30, 60, and 90 days. Based on the inventory you currently have and the sales that you have made for the SKU over these time frames, the report approximates rate you will deplete your remaining inventory and provides recommended actions (OK or Replenish) for the next 30, 60, 90 day intervals. 

Inventory SoldThis report displays a complete breakdown of your inventory in each particular pool along with the sales associated with each pool in a given time frame.


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