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The reports section of your admin panel will allow you to access valuable information regarding your website including sales, inventory, contact & club member information, and much more. The following reports are available:

List of Reports

Sales: Sales by date, coupon, customer, COGS and many more. Learn More >

Products: Generate product reports for Snooth and ShipCompliant. Learn More >

Inventory: See the summary, transactions, velocity, etc. if you're managing inventory on Vin65. Learn More >

Searches: Run reports to see what searches your consumers are making on your website. Learn More >

Event Tickets: Generate an event ticket report if you're selling tickets through Vin65. Learn More >

Gift Cards: See a summary or detailed transactions for your gift cards. Learn More >

Credits: The credit reports allow you to run both a current balance report (Credit Summary) and a detailed Credit Transaction report to view and manage customers with credits saved on account. Learn More >

Allocations: Check out your allocations, the requests or detailed transactions. Learn More >

Email: Find out how effective your emails are. View opens, click throughs, unique clicks, etc. Learn More >

Club Members: Managing clubs on Vin65? View members, user choice reports and shipments per member. Learn More >

Customers: See your customer list reports, LTV, mailing lists, and more. Learn More >

Forms: Generate reports on custom form results generated using the Vin65 Form Builder. Learn More >

Easy Ship: Generate reports on labels that have been generated, processed, and voided. Learn More >

Customizing Sales Reports: Create custom CSV sales reports and save them for furture use. Learn More >

FAQs: Common questions people ask about Vin65's reports. Learn More >

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