Label Report

The label report allows wineries using the Easy Ship tools to report on labels that have been created and those that have been processed and charged. This report can be used to report on the labels that have been generated as well as the cost to ship each package. 

Reports > EasyShip > Labels

We have several filters you can use to run a Label Report:

  • From/To Date: Allows you to specify the to and from dates in the range you wish to report on. 
  • Date Type: Allows you to filter 
    • Ship/Pickup Date: Filter by the date that the orders are shipped or picked up. 
    • Generate Date: Filter by the date that the shipping labels were created.
    • Modified Date: Filter by the date that the shipping labels was regenerated (i.e.- once you've voided and regenerated a label). 
  • Status: Allows you to filter by the status of the generated labels.
    • All: Allows you to see all labels that were created/generated regardless of their status.
    • Completed: The package has been collected and the label has been scanned by UPS. The package is now active and you will be billed for the shipping costs for the package.
    • Pending: The labels have been created/generated for the package but they are pending scan from UPS. After pending the labels will be marked as Completed.
    • Voided: The labels that were created/generated were voided. For more information see the Voiding Shipping Labels Documentation.
  • Memorize: Allows you to create custom report filters and adjust the exportable CSV file. Learn More >

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Here are the definitions of what will populate in your Label report:

Website This will display in the Admin Panel and is used for your own organizational purposes. It will not be visible on the website.
Order Number The number assigned to an order by the admin panel.
Order Type The type of order that is placed. (AdminPanel, POS, Website, ClubOrder, etc.)
Calculated Weight The estimated weight of the package.
Actual Weight The actual weight of the package.
Quantity The total piece count for the number of bottles/items within the package.
Status The status of the labels (Pending, Completed, Voided)
Shipping Number The Shipment Number provided by UPS. If you have multiple packages in a shipment, your Shipment Number will be unique.  If you are only sending one package, your Shipment Number will be the same as your Tracking Number
Tracking Number The tracking number for the package which is provided by UPS.
Ship Date The date that the order is shipped as populated by the UPS scan.
UPS Zone The UPS zone that the package is being shipped to.
Calculated Cost The cost of shipping based on the package weight when the order is processed.
 Actual Cost The cost of shipping once the package is delivered.

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