Allocation Reports

If you are using the Allocations option on the Vin65 platform you will be able to generate reports on allocations. For more information on allocations please see the Allocations Documentation. The following is a list of each of the Allocation Reports available on the Vin65 platform as well as a description of what each report contains:

List of Allocation Reports

Allocations: This report allows you to view a summary of your allocations. This report displays the specifications of the allocation: Name, Start, End, & Ship Date. This report also displays customer information for the allocation: Customer Name/Number, their allotted Min & Max quantities, Qty Purchased, and the Qty of any Requests made. Learn More >

Allocation Requests: This report allows you to generate a report on any Wish List Requests received for additional allocated products. This report displays: Products requested, date of their request, the customer who requested them, as well as the customer’s Max allotment, and the number of bottles already purchased. Learn More >

Allocation Transactions: This report allows you to generate a report on all your allocation transactions (orders). This report displays: Order Date/Number, Customer information; Name/Number, Order Qty & Price. The Transaction report also allows you to view a total of: products sold, total unit prices, and the total extended price. Learn More >

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