Cart and Checkout

Unlike other pages in and the system, you cannot directly edit the page layouts or CSS for the Cart and Checkout pages. Instead, updates to the logo, colors and font selection can be made in the admin panel under Settings > Website Editor > Checkout Design. (Learn more about the Checkout Design page and fields here.)

 If your client signed up previous to October 2017, or on signup selected the "Designer Launch" option instead of a template design, you will have the option to disable the new Checkout and continue using the legacy version which will give you edit access to the CSS and HTML surrounding the Checkout forms. While the legacy tools will continue to be supported, improvements made to the Checkout experience and any new checkout related features will only be released on the new tools.

In addition to the modernized experience, some additional features available only for the new Checkout tools include:

  • Fully responsive checkout design with no additional work required
  • Facebook login (read more)
  • PayPal Express Checkout (read more)
  • One Click Offers (read more)

To request additional editing fields or new features to be added to Checkout, please submit them on WineDirect ideas


1. How do I add scripts to the Checkout pages?

Scripts for tracking completed purchases can be added to the Checkout Receipt and Club Receipt pages via the receipt JS settings found under Settings > Website Settings > Settings > Custom Javascript. For Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tracking, your UA-Code and/or Container IDs can be added in the settings under Settings > Website Settings > Settings > Analytics.

2. What if I need to add additional messaging to the Checkout pages?

In the Content Editor, you have the option to add text above the Cart and Checkout forms. For the Club Checkout, these pages are typically found under Wine Club > Club Login, Club Sign Up, and Club Print Receipt. For normal product Checkout, Cart > Checkout Login, Checkout, Checkout Receipt. 

3. How can I tell if my client is using the new Checkout?

The new tools were launched in October 2017. All accounts signed up after that date with a template, will be using the new tools. If your client was signed up prior to that date or selected "Designer Launch" as the website design option on checkout, they will either be using those new Checkout with the option to Disable, or they may still be using the legacy Checkout and have the option to update. (see below)

Automatically using the new tools

Option to disable or publish new tools