One Click Offers

One Click Offers allows you to create a hyperlink that will automatically add certain Products to the cart.  Anyone who clicks on a One Click Offer link will be taken to your site and their cart will be populated with a set of preselected SKUs. This will eliminate the need for your customer to go to your Store and add specific items.  Using One Click Offer in your email marketing will create a quick and easy checkout experience for your customer.  

Create One Click Offers: Learn the basic setup and quick configuration of setting up One Click Offer. Learn More >

General Information: Edit the basic information of your One Click Offer. Learn More >

Custom Cart: Allows you to determine which SKUs will be added to the cart. Learn More >

Marketing: Allows you to change your One Click Offer URL. Learn More >

FAQs: Review frequently asked questions related to the One Click Offer feature. Learn More >

Create One Click Offers

1. Navigate to Store section> Promos subsection> One Click Offer.

2. Click the Add a One Click Offer button.

3. In the General Information section you will setup the basic information for your One Click Offer.

4. In the Custom Cart section you will be able to pick the items and quantity that will populate in the cart when the link is clicked.  This can include any SKU you have in your Admin Panel. 

5. In the Marketing section, you will be able to set the Marketing URL you want the One Click Offer to have. By default, it will be

6. Once you have set all of your information, we would encourage you to click on the Marketing URL and confirm it is working. 

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General Information

The General Information section allows you to adjust the basic information for your One Click Offer.

*Name The name of your One Click Offer.

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Custom Cart

The Custom Cart section will allow you to pick which Products you want to have populated from your list of Products. You can determine the SKU and Quantity that will be automatically added to the cart whenever the One Click Offer link is clicked.

Product (SKU)

SKU Code of the Product 

Price Price of the product. This will always be Retail Price and you can't override the price.

Quantity of the SKU added to the cart.


Total Price of the SKU (Price x Quantity)

[+] Add Product Add a SKU to be added to the cart with One Click Offer.
[X] Remove Remove SKU from being added to the cart with One Click Offer.

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The Marketing section allows you to change your URL to your desire.  By default, it will use the One Click Offer name. 


The complete URL used to trigger One Click Offer.

Marketing URL

A shortened version of the URL which contains the One Click Offer   

QR Code

When scanned, the QR code will link to the URL in place. 

The QR code changes every time the marketing URL is changed. If you are printing your QR codes on your products it's very important to make sure that the marketing URL does not change.

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One Click Offer FAQs

  1. Can I delete a One Click Offer?
  2. Will Promos still work if the user gets to the cart through One Click Promo?

Can I delete a One Click Offer?

No. One Click Offer cannot be deleted at this time. Please be aware when you send out a link with One Click Offer, it may not be accessed right away.  There is a possibility that your customers will try the link again in the future, so we want to make sure they don't point to a broken page.

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Will Promos still work if the user gets to the cart through One Click Promo?

Yes. Promos will work as normal using One Click Promo. If the Promo requires a Code or for the customer to log in first, he/she will need to perform these actions before the Promo can apply.

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