System Pages

System pages live in the Content Editor and they aren't just for content, but are also used for specific ecommerce or CMS functions. When viewing some of these pages on your website, additional content or data will display. Any content that you add to these pages will appear above the system generated content or forms. 


This page displays all of your products. By default, products display in a 2Up layout, but you can change this on the specific page by clicking under Page Properties and selecting a layout under Product Layout. Learn more about Page Properties here.

If you want to separate your products into groups, you can create subpages under the main shop page. Learn more about adding products to pages here

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When you create blog posts under Content Editor > Blog, they will automatically display on this page. Learn more about the blog tools here

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Any recipes created under Content Editor > Components > Recipes will display on this page. Each recipe can then be clicked into to view more details. Learn more about recipes here

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Cart, Checkout Login, Checkout, and Checkout Receipt pages are used for your checkout. Any content added to these pages will appear above the system's ecommerce functions. To preview the checkout pages, add an item to your cart, and click 'View Cart' and then 'Checkout'.

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Club Checkout

Club Login, Club Sign Up, and Club Print Receipt are usually listed under your "Wine Clubs" page and you can see them on your website when a customer clicks to join a club.

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Members pages are where your customers can log in to their accounts to update their profile, shipping addresses, credit cards, club details, view their order history, and more. Forms on these pages cannot be edited as they are global across all sites using WineDirect ecommerce, but you can add any additional information or notes to your customers to the top of the pages in the Content Editor. 

Pages include: Members, Login, Create Account (Create Account Success), Forgot Password (Forgot Password Success), Reset Password, Edit Profile (Edit Profile Success), Credit Cards (Edit Credit Card), Club List (Edit Club, Club Success), Address Book (Edit Address Book), Order History (Order Detail), Allocation, Allocation History, Double Opt In Success, Points

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Privacy Policy

This page doesn't have any content added to it through the system and you have full control of what text you want to display. By default it should have a template for legal text that you can edit. This page is linked to in all transactional emails.

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This page is linked to from all marketing emails sent through the system. When clicked, contacts are given a status of 'Unsubscribe'. Learn more about how customers unsubscribe in emails here

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404 Error

This page is used when someone attempts to access a link on your website, that no longer exists. For example, if someone saved a link to a page that you have since deleted or the URL was changed, they would be sent here. Typically your website map lives on this page so that customers can try and find the page that they are looking for.

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