Customer Importer

The Customer Importer tool will allow you to import multiple contact records into your database. Please watch the tutorial video, or read the following text to learn more about the Customer Importer.

Download a Sample File: Learn about using our sample files for your customer import. Learn More >

Filling Out The Sample File: Learn how to correctly fill out the sample file. Learn More >

Black Listing: Learn more about being black listed by potential customers. Learn More >

Download a Sample File

You can import contacts and put them into Contact Types (newsletter, trade, event, etc.). For importing Club Memberships, please view the Club Member Importer documentation.

1. Please navigate to Settings > Import/Export > Customer Importer in the Admin Panel.

2. Please click on Download Sample File to download the spreadsheet we will use.

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Filling out the Sample File

Below is the list of definitions found on the Customer Importer Sample File:

Customer Number This field must be numeric. This will be the ID associated with a customer record, that is matched to the customer's email address. If left blank, the Vin65 Platform will be able to scan the database for the same email address - if no matching email address is found, the platform will automatically assign the next highest number as a customer number for the contact.
BirthDate The birthdate of the customer. Format is in:  MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY.
FirstName The first name of the customer. This is also the first name for the billing address.
LastName The last name of the customer. This is also the last name for the billing address.
Company The customer's business or company.
Address The street address of the customer. This is also the street address for the billing address.
Address2 Additional address information. For example, unit#, apt#, etc.
City The customer's city of residence. This is also the city for the billing address.
StateCode The two character abbreviated state code or province code. For example, California = CA, British Columbia = BC. Australia state codes, South Australia = SA, Victoria = VIC etc.
ZipCode The customer's zip code or Postal Code.
CountryCode The 2-digit code for the country. United States = US, Canada = CA, Australia = AU.
MainPhone The customer's main phone number. Format is in: 000-000-0000.
*Email All contacts in Vin65 must have an email address. The Vin65 Platform uses this email address as one method of verifying contacts within your database. Each customer must have a unique email address.

The username that is associated for the customer's website log-in credentials. A username cannot exist without a password.

  • Usernames must be greater than 6 characters; numeric or alphanumeric.

The password that is associated for the customer's website log-in credentials. A password cannot exist without a username.

  • Passwords must be greater than 6 characters; numeric or alphanumeric.
ContactType The Contact Type that a customer will be tagged with. Each import can only have one Contact Type per customer.
PriceLevel If you are utilizing multiple Price Levels to manage trade, employee or wholesale pricing, you are able to import a contact into the appropriate Price Level. The name of the Price Level entered in the spreadsheet must match exactly the name of the Price Level found in the Admin Panel > Store > Price Levels.
SourceCode The Source Code field allows you to import additional free-form text information to flag a customer for a specific purpose. The source code will appear on the General tab (1st visible tab) of a customer's profile in the Admin Panel.

Needs to be filled out with 0 or 1. 

0 indicates the customer PAYS taxes.
1 indicates the customer is non-taxable.

* Mandatory Fields: Email

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Black Listing

If you upload customer lists that you don’t have permission to contact or even if you do have permission (i.e. you bought a list of email addresses), your contacts can mark your emails as spam and then you can be blacklisted by Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. and won't be able to send any valid emails after. Here's an example:

Some people think it's a good idea to buy a list of emails from a wine magazine and mass email them instead of building a list by asking for permission to email contacts and slowly grow their newsletter list. You will most likely get blacklisted if you do this and it's a nightmare getting off of the list. When people get emails from people or companies they haven't heard of, even if they've bought wine, they will mark the email as spam.

You should also clean your lists after each email blast to get rid of non valid emails and bounce backs. If you have any questions about blacklisting read the below article:

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