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You can search for a contact by typing in the search field. You can also refine the search criteria by click on Advanced and entering additional search information. Once the contact is found, you can click on it to them manage the contact.

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Advanced Contact Search Tools

Cust No.

The unique customer record number assigned to the contact. This is the Vin65 customer number that can be used to lookup and reference the customer. 

First Name

The Customer's/Contact's first name [Billing first name].

Last Name The Customer's/Contact's last name [Billing last name].
Company The Customer's/Contact's company [Billing company].
City The Customer's/Contact's city [Billing city].
State The Customer's/Contact's state or province [Billing state or province].
Phone The Customer's/Contact's phone number [Billing phone number].
Email The Customer's/Contact's email address [Billing email address].
Contact Type The name of your Contact Type.
Contact Status The status of your Contact. Choose from: All Contact Statuses (Default), Prospect, 1stTimeCustomer, RepeatCustomer and ClubMember

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Contact Search Results

Name / Address

The Customer's/Contact's first and last name, as well as, their address [Billing information only].


The Customer's/Contact's customer number, email address, and phone number. [Billing information only].


The Customer's/Contact's:

  • Number of orders,
  • Last order date,
  • Lifetime value (LTV),
  • Status (Prospect, First Time Purchaser, Repeat Purchaser, or Club Member).