Brandon Harvie
January 6, 2023 | New Features | Brandon Harvie

Update: WineDirect Platform Stability - December 2022

The 2022 Holidays were busy for wineries. WineDirect is delighted to report almost zero downtime across all our applications! Our commitment to platform stability has never been stronger as we understand how crucial continuous uptime is for your winery. From your website to point of sale, having reliable connectivity is critical for the day-to-day activities you rely on to sell DTC.

We are pleased to provide the following summary report on application uptime for December 2022:

“For wineries, the holiday season is the most critical time of year. Our engineering team and automated systems enabled our clients to get through this busy season without downtime, even during peak hours. We remain dedicated to constructing a strong and dependable platform for all wineries.” 

- Edwin Lo, WineDirect Product Owner

Thank you for trusting us with your DTC operations. Check out the WineDirect Status page for the latest up-to-date system status.


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