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April 20, 2023 | New Features | Brandon Harvie

Update: Temecula Valley Wine & Agricultural Heritage District Tax

Update 6/28/2023: We have successfully resolved the bug regarding the Temecula tax applying to non-taxable products. With the fix in place, you can now confidently utilize the Temecula tax feature without any concerns about incorrect tax calculations for non-taxable products.

On April 1, 2021, a hybrid tax was implemented for all wineries within the Temecula Valley Wine & Agricultural Heritage District (TVWAHD). This five-year term stipulates that 1% of all gross sales be funneled into advertising for the valley.

If your winery is based in the Temecula region, you must collect the TVWAHD tax. We have recently enhanced our application to allow the collection of this tax. This tax will be applied on top of other applicable taxes. In addition, the TVWAHD itself is subject to sale tax. Please see the instructions below on how to enable it.

How to Enable TVWAHD Tax:

  • Start by logging into the admin panel and clicking on Settings > Website Settings. Click on the Store tab and expand the “State Profile” section to access the following screen:

  • Add “TVWAHD” and select the “Is TVWAHD?” checkbox 
  • Then, navigate to Store > State Profile and select California. Click Edit in the Wines section and set the tax rate for the TVWAHD 

  • Customers will now see this tax applied when they checkout their order 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with


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