Katrina Sohriakoff
April 2, 2019 | New Features | Katrina Sohriakoff

New: WGits for QuickBooks Integration

Now WineDirect clients can transfer transactions directly to your QuickBooks desktop application -- automatically!

Our partner, WineGlass Integration Technology Solutions (WGits), has developed an automated solution that eliminates the need to manually download reports or use Transaction Pro Importer (TPI) each time you want to upload transactions.

Benefits of WGits for QuickBooks include:

  • Scheduled automatic transfers: Upload new orders every night, week or month.
  • Detailed error reporting: Research and make corrections when you have time instead of needing to fix orders on the spot.
  • SKU Assist: Automatically checks that SKUs are matching in both systems.
  • Handles split tenders and refunds: No longer requires users to manually adjust orders that have been refunded or paid for with multiple tender types.
  • Field synchronization: Tax, inventory and class fields mapped from WineDirect.
  • Easy setup and ongoing support: The WGits team configures everything for you and can be reached over the phone, email and chat for help.

WGits for QuickBooks offers WineDirect clients an easier way to reconcile your transactional data with your accounting needs, eliminating tedious administrative work and headaches for your team. 

> To learn more about WGits for QuickBooks, please contact WGits for a demo.


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