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July 19, 2017 | New Features | Vin65 Team

Flexible Club Shipments with Our New Member Sign Up Field

As customers demand more flexible wine clubs, you need tools that make it easy for you to meet their expectations. That's why we've added the ability for you to run clubs based on member signup month.

Your members won't have to wait for the next scheduled shipment - which could be months away - they can start receiving their wine immediately. Processing clubs by signup month also allows you to run smaller batches of orders more frequently, rather than doing large club runs a few times a year.

To process your wine club by signup month, simply select one or multiple months from the new Member Signup Month dropdown menu in the Shipment Setup tab in the club processing window. This will filter in members who signed up in your chosen months across all years. Want to continue to process your club regardless of signup month? Simply select "All months" from the menu.

Offering wine club delivery on a rolling basis is just one more way you can provide a more customer-centric experience, that converts more new members and retains existing ones for longer.

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