Corinna Wang
September 21, 2020 | Fixes | Corinna Wang

Fix: 3 Updates

Over the past few weeks, our team has cleaned up some minor bugs across the platform. These fixes are part of our ongoing commitment to improve our software and give you the best experience as you grow your DTC business.

1. Default Shipping Strategy Fix

We have now fixed a bug affecting default shipping strategies in the new Products section. Previously, if a product was set to use a default shipping strategy and then you updated the default, the product no longer continued to use the default.  Instead, the product populated the name of the prior shipping strategy default rather than what was currently set to default.

With this fix you can be assured that your default shipping strategy will dynamically update across all products, if they are set to use a default shipping strategy.

2. Alphabetical Product Listings

We have now implemented alphabetical Product listing filters. This should speed up your workflows and help you complete tasks quicker.

3. Contact Status Updates

We have updated the way that Contact Status is populated. Previously, with dated holds & cancellations the Contact Status wouldn't dynamically update after that future date passed. With this fix, we have retroactively fixed all incorrect Contact Status fields and it will be updated going forward as a sync will happen every night to ensure this field is up-to-date and accurate.

Stay tuned for more fixes and keep the ideas coming in the Ideas Forum!


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