Cancelling Orders

Cancel An Order: Learn how to cancel an order in Vin65. Learn More >

Remove Hold Orders: Learn a method to remove hold orders. Learn More >

Cancel An Order:

1. Go to Store > Orders > click on the order number you want to cancel.

2. The order window will pop up.  Example:  Orders - 885755 for John Smith

3. Click on the Status tab in the order window and select Cancel Order.


4. By clicking on Cancel Order, two checked boxes will appear.

5. The first checked box is Return Inventory to Website Stock. Keep this box check if you want the cancel order to refund the stock back to the inventory.

6. The second checked box is Send Cancellation Email to Customer. Uncheck this box if you do not want to send the customer an order cancellation email.

7. Click Process in the Status tab and Close Window.

Please Note: Please make sure you also check the Compliance tab to make sure no order is being fulfilled.  You can click select Void Compliance from the drop down menu and then click Process.

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Method To Remove Hold Orders:

Hold orders like pending orders are not fully processed.  Hold orders are generally orders that are placed on hold through the AdminPanel or POS. 

1. Go to Store > Product > Add A Product and create a fake test product at $0.

2. Go to Store. Select the order number that was place on hold.

3. The order window will pop up and click on the pencil in the General tab to resume editing order.

4. Click on the Ship Customer tab and in the Shipping drop down menu select Pick Up.

5. In the Items tab, clear everything out by clicking the [X] for any products, handling or promos.

6. Make sure in the Sales Tax row you click on the pencil and select Customer Is Not Taxable in the drop down menu.         Enter 0 for Wholesale Number and click Save.

7. In the Items tab still, add the fake test product at $0.

8. In the Payment tab, you will see a note in red stating payment is not requred as this is a zero dollar order.

9. In the Review tab, uncheck confirmation emails to admin and customer and Process order.

10. Go to the order # again, in the Status tab click on Cancel order.

11. Go to the Payment tab and click Manual Mode [+] and select Voided. Close window. Your hold order have now             been cancelled.

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