Duplicate Order

The Duplicate Order function is a feature that allows you to create a new order based off your existing order. When the Duplicate Order is created, it will pull over all of the previous order data including the billing and shipping information, items and totals within the order, discounts, and payment information. A new order number is assigned to the duplicate order, and it will remain as a Pending/Hold order until the order has been processed.

Create A Duplicate Order: Learn how to create a duplicate order by using the individual order actions. Learn More >

Create A Duplicate Order 

Follow the steps to create a Duplicate Order:

1. In the Admin Panel, navigate to Store > Orders.

2. Use the left hand search parameters to find the order you wish to work with.

3. Click on the order to open it.

4. On the top right corner of the order, select Actions.

5. Select Duplicate Order from the drop down menu.

6. The Add An Order window will appear where a new order number is assigned, and you can continue to process a new order.

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