Complete Orders

The Complete Orders function allows you to complete multiple orders at once rather than click on each individual order to complete. 

Complete Multiple Orders: Learn how to complete multiple orders through the mass order Actions tool. Learn More >

Complete Multiple Orders

Follow the steps to complete multiple orders:

1. In the Admin Panel, navigate to Store > Orders.

2. Use the left hand search parameters to find the order(s) you wish to work with. In order to complete orders, you will need to search for only Submitted orders.

3. Check one or more boxes in the order listing for the Actions drop down menu to appear.

4. Select Complete Orders

5. In the Complete Orders window, choose if you'd like to Capture Payment, Email Order Confirmations, and select a Shipping Status. Shipping Status options include Mark Order As Shipped, Mark Order As Picked Up, and Don't Mark Order Shipping Status.

6. Click Apply Changes to complete orders. 

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