State Profile Importer 

The State Profile Importer tool will help you to effeciently import State Profiles into the Vin65 platform. Follow the setup process to learn how to do this:

Download Sample File: Learn how to download the sample file for the State Profile Importer. Learn More >

Fill Out Sample File: Learn how to correctly fill out the sample file. Learn More >

Import State Profile: Learn how to import the State Profile into Vin65. Learn More >


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Download Sample File

1. Navigate to the Settings > Import/Export > State Profile Importer.

2. In the pop-up window, you can Download Sample File. This will have all of the correct formatting needed to properly import your State Profiles into Vin65. 

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Fill Out Sample File

Below is a table with all of the column headers that you will see and the information that should be input.

StateCode Two character abbreviated state or province code. Example: California = CA, British Columbia = BC                                                    
CountryCode Two character abbreviated Country code.  Options are: Canada = CA, United States = US, Australia: AU
OffSiteCompliance OffSite means you are Licensed and Compliant to ship to this state from your winery or warehouse location. Example: Yes OR No
OnSiteCompliance OnSite means you are Licensed and Compliant to sell to this state while your business is physically on location in the chosen state at the time of sale. Example: Yes OR No
WineTaxes A Percentage of tax without the percentage sign. This includes Wine, Spirits and Wine Products. Example: 8.25, 7.00, etc.
WineShippingIsTaxable Yes OR No
Product Taxes A Percentage of tax without the percentage sign on non-wine/alcoholic products. This includes Products, Event Ticket, Gift Card, Product Bundle/Set. Example: 8.25, 7.00, etc.
ProductShippingIsTaxable Yes OR No

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Import State Profile Details

1. Once the data is complete in the sample file, you can then navigate back to Settings > Import/Export > State Profile Importer

2. Browse your computer for the saved file. Click Import.

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