Image Resizer

The image resizer tool can be used to get all product images into the store quickly and easily. If all your product images are named after their respective product SKUs (i.e. If a product's SKU is GEWURTZ08, then the image file name will be GEWURTZ08.jpg or GEWURTZ08.png), then an admin user may use this tool to match up images with products that are imported via the Product Importer.

Using the Image Resizer: Learn how to use the Image Resizer tool. Learn More >

Using the Image Resizer

1. Navigate to Settings > Import/Export in the Admin Panel.

2. Select the Image Resizer tool.

3. A box will appear that confirms the directory on your website server where the product images are stored. Check the box that says Match Images wish Products (based on SKU).

4. Click on Resize.

5. Double check that this process has matched your images to products by going to Store > Products and checking your products.

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