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Importing A Credit or Credit Adjustment: Learn how to add, subtract, or reset the credit value that a customer has on file using the import tool. Learn More >

Troubleshooting Tips: Having issues importing a credit? Try the following trouble shooting tips to correct your import. Learn More >

Importing A Credit or Credit Adjustment

1. Go to Settings > Import Export > Credit Importer. 

2. Click Download Sample File.

3. Fill out your sample file. There are 3 columns that you will need to fill in:

CustomerNumber This is the customer number for the customer account that you want to import add/update the credit on file.

The dollar value for the credit that you want to add/update.

  • i.e: 30.55
Note A field where you can add a note that can be reported on later for the credit.

4. Save the file to a spot on your computer where you will easily find the file again. Make sure that Excel is completely closed before you try to import your file, otherwise the import tool will be unable to read the proper Excel extension given to the file. 

5. Click Browse and locate the sample file you saved to your computer.

6. Next, using the Credit drop down, select whether you Add/Subtract funds to the credits that a customer has on file, or Reset their balance to a specific dollar amount.

Add/Subtract Credits by Amount on Spreadsheet

The adjust option allows you to add or subtract funds from the current credit balance that the customer has on file. This is the option you will typically use.

In your spreadsheet you will want to use a positive dollar amount for additions and a negative dollar amount for subtractions, i.e:

  • To add use 20.00 (a positive dollar amount)
  • To subtract use -20.00 (a negative dollar amount)
Reset Credit Balance to Amount on Spreadsheet

The reset option will automatically calculate the appropriate positive or negative dollar amount to import adjust the balance to the dollar value specified in the spreadsheet. For example:

  • To reset a credit balance to $200 when a customer has a balance of $75 in credit remaining on file, a positive addition of $125 will automatically be imported to reach $200 balance (i.e. $75 + $125 = $200).
  • To reset a credit balance to $0 when a customer has a balance of $49.99 in credit remaining on file, a negative subtraction of $49.99 will automatically be imported to reach the $0 balance (i.e. $49.99 - $49.99 = $0).

7. Click Import. You will know that import has run successfully when the popup window automatically closes.

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Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble importing a credit please try the tips below. 

  • Check the headers in the import sheet, they must exactly match formatting of the headings in the sample file. Check the order, capitalization, and spacing of the header items.
  • The Amount column should be set to Generic or Numeric in Excel, not Currency. Including a $ before the value will fail to import.

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