Admin Notifications

Admin Users will receive email notifications for website orders, club orders, etc. It is a convenient way to keep track of what is happening at your winery.

To have the notification sent to the correct email address, please contact to have this implemented. Email notification settings must be edited by Vin65 support or a user with developer access to the website settings. Email addresses added to the notification recipient list will recieve all notifications. Individual recipients cannot pick and choose which type of email notifications to receive (i.e just order notifications).

Email Suffixes: Learn more about admin email suffixes. Learn More >

Below is an example of notifications receipients will recieve:

  • Store Orders
  • Club Orders
  • Unsubscribe
  • Mailing List Sign Up
  • Wine Club Sign Up
  • Form Registrations

Email Suffixes

The first email added to the email notification recipient list will be used as the suffix for all email documents.

For example: is the first person added to the notification list. When you look in your email documents in the Email From field, you will see

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