Non-EMV Credit Card Swipers Setup

Vin65 POS can accept swiped credit card transactions both on all versions: iOS and Desktop [Chrome Browser]. The iOS version only support one swiper while the Desktop version can support most USB or integrated card swiper as long as it uses keyboard emulation. The information bellow will assist you with either swiper types.

iOS POS Swipers: Learn more about the swipe units and configurations required to use the swipe unit on iOS devices. Learn More >

Desktop POS Swipers: Learn more about the swipe units and configuration required to use the swipe unit on the Desktop POS [via Chrome browser]. Learn more >

Compatible Swipers/Swipe Units: Learn which swipe units will work with the Vin65 POS system. Learn More >

iOS POS Swipers

The ID TECH UniMag II Audio Jack Card Reader is compatible with the iOS versions of Vin65 POS. Swipers should be a "plug and play" device using the microphone/headphone jack of your device. 

iOS Setup

Beginning with iOS 7, iOS devices such as iPads have a privacy setting for the headphone jack which requires an application be given permission to use the headphone jack. Failing to make this setting adjustment will prevent the card swipe unit from communicating with the application, meaning that you will not be able to swipe credit cards or drivers licenses until the update is made. Please the steps below:

1. Locate and click on the Settings icon on your device.

2. From the settings menu on the left locate the Privacy section.

3. From the Privacy section Select Microphone.

4. This will take you to the Microphone section were you will want to toggle to allow switch to the green on position for the Vin65 app.

5. If your Vin65 application is currently open please close the app and login to the application again.

Once you have completed these steps your POS card swipe unit should be functioning again successfully.

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Desktop POS Swipers

The Desktop POS version allows greater freedom in hardware for credit card swipe units. Most USB card swipe units should be compatible as long as they have a keyboard emulation setting. For more information on compatibility please see: Card Swiper Compatibility >

Testing & Troubleshooting Connection

In general a swipe unit that uses keyboard emulation should work right out of the box once connected. However you may need to adjust the setting on the swipe unit you are using please use the steps below along with the manufacturer's provided documentation when adjusting settings.

1. Connect the USB card swiper to your computer [PC].

2. Open Notepad or another text editor program.

3. Swipe a credit card.

4. In Notepad the swipe data should display.

The output into notepad should look something like this:

  • %B5454545454545454^SMITH/JOHN ^01122018000072000000?

If the output does not similar to the example above try adjusting the track settings for your swipe unit, if they have configurable settings, until they match the example. The name of the card holder should be present in the output along with payment information. 

5. To further test place a test transaction in Vin65 POS using a credit card. Be sure to remember to cancel or refund your test transaction after you are done.

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