POS Contact's Notes

The Notes tab in the customer profile of the pos allows you to keep track of internal notes for a customer to help with customer management. Along with free form notes you can also set flags within a customer’s contact record that will display as on the general tab (first screen when opening a contact record). Notes and flags are meant for internal notes and are not visible to customers, nor are they exportable. Notes and Flags can also be searched for on the Notes tab of the Dashboard and are also viewable in the customer's profile of the admin panel. 

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To Add A Note

1. Click on Notes in the contact management menu after you have selected a contact.

2. Enter the Subject of the note, select if the note is a Note or a Flag and enter the comments then click Save.

Notes and Flags

Notes will allow you to add private internal notes on a contact.

Flags will behave like a Note but will also appear on the main Contact Dashboard and on the main POS Store Screen and they will appear in yellow.

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