Sales Summary

This report allows you to view a summary of your sales between specific date ranges. The report lists the Date (per day), Order type, Number of Orders for each type, total dollar amounts for each type, as well as a daily total.

We have several parameters you can use to get the most accurate Sales Summary report:

  • From Date
  • To Date
  • Select the Type of Order it is (Admin panel/Website/POS/Tasting Room etc)
  • Status of the order (Completed/Pending/Cancelled etc)
  • If it's in an Allocation

Reports export in .CSV format.

You can access the Sales Summary Report by navigating to Reports > Sales > Sales Summary

Here are the definitions of what will populate in your Sales Summary report:

Date Date the order was placed. (MM/DD/YYYY)
Website The website the order took place on.
Type Type of order. (Website/ClubOrder/AdminPanel)
Count The number of orders.
Sub Total The sub total of the order before tax, shipping etc.
Deposit If there is a bottle deposit on product(s) *(Canadian customers only)
Shipping Total amount of shipping.
Handling Total amount of handling.
Tax Total amount of tax.
Total Total of sale including tax, shipping, handling.

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