Sales By State

This report allows you to view the sales within specific State(s) and/or Province(s). To select multiple states/provinces you will want to hold Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) and click on those you wish to report on (selections will highlight in blue).

We have several parameters you can use to get the most accurate Sales by State report you can:

  • Select the Type of Order it is (Admin panel/Website/POS/Tasting Room etc)
  • Select the State / or All States
  • From Date
  • To Date
  • Shipping Status (No Status/Shipped/Picked up)
    • This is the status marked off on the Shipping tab. It is primarily used by customers who are self-fulfilling.

Customizing A Sales Report

Reports export in .CSV format.

You can access the Sales by State Report by navigating to Reports > Sales > Sales By State

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Here are the definitions of what will populate in your Sales by State report:

Website The website the purchase originated from.
State The State of purchase.
Subtotal Subtotal of the order, before taxes and shipping/handling.
Deposit If there is a bottle deposit on product(s) *(Generally for Canadian customers)
Shipping Total amount of shipping.
Handling Total amount of handling.
Taxes Total amount of tax.
Total Total of sale including tax, shipping/handling.
Tip Tip amount in the transaction.
Total After Tips The total amount after tips have been included in the total.

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