ILS Shipment Export

The ILS Shipment Export Report is a .CSV format file that is formatted for ILS (International Logistics Solutions). The report can then be imported into ILS manually as an easier solution to export orders for shipping.

To access this report in your admin panel, navigate to Reports > Sales > ILS Shipment Export.

For further information of how to import into ILS, please contact the ILS support team at 520-618-4309 or visit their website.

We have several parameters you can use to generate your ILS Shipment Export Report on:

  • From Date
  • To Date
  • Date Type (Submitted, Completed, Ship/Pickup, Modified)
  • Ship On (Date)
  • Orders (Only To Be Shipped, Only At Fulfillment, All Records)
  • Wrap On (Don't Wrap, 1 Bottle, 6 Bottle, 12 Bottle)

Customizing A Sales Report

Reports export in a .CSV format. 

ILS Shipment Export Report Definitions

PKGID The shipments order number in Vin65.
NAME First and last name of the customer.
COMPANY The customer's company name.
ADD2 Additional shipping street address information.
ADD1 The customer's shipping street address.
CITY The customer's shipping city.
STATE The customer's shipping state.
ZIP The customer's shipping zip code.
TELE The customer's telephone number.
REF Shipping reference number.
SIGNATURE Y or N. If the shipment requires a signture or not.
WEIGHT The total weight of the order in lbs.
BILLING If the shipment has been paid for already or not.
SERVICE The Shipping Type selected for the order.
PKGTYPE The type of package being shipped.
COUNTRY The customer's shipping country.
EMAILADDRESS The customer's email address.
SHIPPINGNOTES Additional shipping information attached to the order. 

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