Cost of Goods Sold

This report allows you to view products sold and the profits made when comparing the price the products were sold for verses the cost of goods assigned to them. (Cost of Goods are assigned on the pricing tab of a product). For more information please see the Pricing Documentation.

We have several parameters you can use to get the most accurate Cost of Goods Sold report you can:

  • From Date
  • To Date
  • Select if its the Order Date or Ship Date.
  • Status of the order (Completed/Pending/Cancelled etc)

Customizing A Sales Report

Reports export in .CSV format.

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Here are the definitions of what will populate in your Cost of Goods report:

Website The website the purchase originated from.
Product SKU SKU number of the product.
Product Title Title of the product.
Full Retail Price Full retail price of the product.
Retail Price Average retail price of the product.
Avg Price Average price of the product.
COG Cost of goods on the product.
Total Sold Total amount sold of the product (quantity).
Total Sales Total sales of the product.
Total COGS Total cost of goods on the product.
Gross Profit The amount of Gross Profit.
Avg Unit Profit The amount of profit per unit. 

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