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About This Template

Doris is like the hip grandma you never had. She's sophisticated, clean, and modern with visuals as her main focus.

Some of the features include: 
Upcoming events display
- Showcase multiple products on the homepage
- Newsletter sign up

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Custom Page Contents



This is not editable within the admin panel and must be changed by our design team. During the setup process, please send your logo to your project manager. :)

Main Menu

To add a page to the main menu, in the admin panel, navigate to Content Editor > General Pages. Select the page you would like to add and click Page Properties > Main Menu > Yes. To remove a page, click Main Menu > No


Featured Products Slider

These products are added to the Homepage through the Product Group 'Featured Products'. After clicking into a product, it can be added under Categories > Product Groups > Featured Products

Blog Section

You can edit the blog title (From Our Blog) under Content Editor > Pods > Homepage Blog. This section will automatically pull in a couple of your latest blog posts. If you have no posts to display, you can use this spot to add additional text content.


Homepage Linked Images

These are managed under Content Editor > Content Blocks > Homepage Links. There you can edit the existing Homepage Link Content Blocks or you can click Add A New Content Block and then select the group of Homepage Links. You can upload a background image, Give it a title, subtitle and a link. They will then automatically appear on the website. If you don't want to use them right now, you can delete them altogether. (Don't worry - you can still recreate them in the future by following these instructions.)   


Subscribe Section

You can edit the title and text under Content Editor > Pods > Homepage Subscribe Content. Anyone who subscribes which this form will be added to the Contact Type of Newsletter.


This section automatically pulls the title, date and time from a maximum of your three closest upcoming events. You can add text and edit the 'View All Events' link and button text under Content Editor > Content Blocks > Homepage Events.


Homepage Content

This area is managed under Content Editor > General Pages > Homepage. You any content or additional text here through the Content Editor. In order to edit or add more of these content sections, you can do so under Content Editor > Content Blocks > Content Sections. To create one, click on Add A Content Block. Give it a title and select the Group of Content Section. Here you can add an image, title and content. You also have the option of adding a link and you can choose a width of 1/3 or 1/2.  To add it to the page, go to Content Editor > General Pages > select page > click on the components tool (gear) > select the Content Block > Save


Footer Pages

The pages that show up in the footer are managed in the Content Editor. To add or remove a page from the footer, select the page, click Page Properties, for Footer Menu select Yes or No.

Footer Contact Info

The Contact section text is a pod and can be edited under Content Editor > Pods > Footer Address.

Footer Social Media

The social media icons available to use are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube, and Yelp. These are not editable and must be changed by our design team. During the setup process, please send the corresponding links to your project manager. 

Custom Page 


If you want to get rid of the sub navigation on a page like this one, go to Content Editor > select the page > Page Properties > Layout > Wide Page.

Page Banners

You can add a banner image to a page under Content Editor > Content Blocks. To add a brand new banner, click Add a Content Block and select the Group of Page Banner. Just upload your image, Save, and select the pages that you would like it to display on. You can delete or edit existing Page Banner Content Blocks.