One Click Auto Configure Setup

If you are just starting out and are adding action emails for the first time, the One Click Auto Configure option will help you to automatically create 17 best practice action emails including Abandoned Carts, Cub Member Credit Card Expiries, First Time Purchases, etc.

1. Navigate to Contacts > Action Email > Action Email Setup. Click the One Click Auto Configure button. 

2. Check off which emails you would like to be created for you (by default all 17 emails under the Orders, Contact and Club Members category will be selected).

3. Once you have determined which Action Emails you wish to create, click Apply Changes and the Vin65 platform will automatically create these emails for you.

4. The Vin65 platform will automatically add these emails for you, however you will still need to review and personalize the content and mark the email documents as Active. To do this, click on each email document and check the Active box.

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