**The 46Brix program is currently undergoing review and currently is not accepting new applications. Current members on the program are unaffected.



46Brix is a unique all-in-one shipping incentive and loyalty program. 46Brix consumer members pay $79 per year and receive unlimited ground shipping for our network of wineries. The result? Increased customer value & retention, greater share of wallet, and a referral program that allows you acquire new customers at low cost or a profit.

46Brix Product Settings

46Brix is set up as a product in your store, and is accessible by navigating to Store > Products. You may edit the product description to fit your brand voice, but please be careful to maintain key product details and links to FAQs.

46Brix Membership Details

When a customer signs up for 46Brix on your website, their membership data will populate on their contact record in the Statistics section. To look up a membership number or expiration date, or to set a membership to NOT autorenew, simply navigate to the contact record. You can also look up membership data using the "46Brix Report" or "46Brix Sign Ups" in the Contacts section of Reports.

46Brix Shipping Setup

Having signed up as a 46Brix participating winery you need to make sure that you setup your shipping types so that your ground shipping service (Shipping Type) is setup to be covered by a 46Brix membership. Whatever Shipping Type you have setup as 'Default' for your shipping strategy is the type that will automatically be used. However if you do have alternate shipping services available (i.e. GSO in CA and UPS in WA) then you set each participating shipping type to be included. To adjust your types please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Store > Shipping > and click the name of your strategy to expand the shipping options > choose Shipping Types.
  2. Click on your Ground shipping type or another you wish to include as a approved 46Brix service. 
  3. Mark ground as default (you can only have one default type) or Shipping Type Qualifies For 46Brix.

Club Shipping

By default, 46Brix benefits also apply to club shipments. You can opt out, but we do not recommend it. Your wine club members are your best customers: making them pay for shipping for their club shipments when they’ve joined 46Brix is not a good way to build loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. Our research shows that offering free shipping to club members drives reorders and increases AOV, more than making up for the cost of shipping.

If you do decide to exclude club shipments, you will want to communicate this in your club signup details. When creating your club shipment for processing you will want to select a shipping type that has NOT been marked to qualify for 46Brix members. You can also create a separate shipping strategy for club shipping rates, and easy way would be to use the Shipping Rate Exporter & Shipping Rate Importer

How to Refund or Cancel a customer's 46Brix membership

Refunds: 46Brix is just like any other product in your store, so refunds work the same way. You may choose to offer 46Brix membership refunds at your discretion. Once you've executed the order refund, you'll also need to update the customer's 46Brix member record:

  1. In the Admin Panel, find the customer record in your Contacts tab.
  2. In the Statistics section, you'll see a field for 46Brix with the membership expiry date. Click on the date and in the pop up window, change the expiry date to today's date. This ensures that the customer's member number will no longer work and they will not continue to receive free ground shipping.
  3. Check the "Do Not Autorenew" box. This ensures that our system will not autorenew the customer's membership.
  4. Don't foget to Save Changes!

Cancellations: 46Brix is a annual membership program. Therefore, if a client wishes to cancel (and you are not refunding their $79 membership fee), this means the cancellation will take effect when their current membership expires. In other words, they can continue to use their membership until expiration, and it will not autorenew. To set a membership to NOT autorenew:

  1. In the Admin Panel, find the customer record in your Contacts tab.
  2. In the Statistics section, you'll see a field for 46Brix with the membership expiry date. Click on the date.
  3. In the pop up window, check the "Do Not Autorenew" box. This ensures that our system will not autorenew the customer's membership.
  4. Don't foget to Save Changes!

Leaving 46Brix

If your winery no longer wish to participates in 46Brix, please contact 

If your winery decides to leave 46Brix, you still need to provide free ground shipping on orders with 2+ bottles to your customers who bought their 46Brix membership on your website. This is done by creating a special Contact Type and Promotion that applies only to those customers.

WineDirect Actions:

  • Create a new Contact Type in Vin65 called 46Brix Customers that includes all customers who bought 46Brix on your website in the past year.
  • Then create a Promotion called 46Brix Discount that offers free ground shipping on orders of 2+ bottles only for 46Brix Customers. This promotion will be applied automatically when the customer is logged in to your website.
  • Set the 46Brix Discount Promotion to expire when the last of your 46Brix Customers’ membership does.

Your Actions:

  • Each month, use the Excel file we send you to identify which of your customers’ 46Brix memberships has expired. Navigate to Contacts, select the record to update, then click Manage Contact Types and uncheck 46Brix Customers
  • If you do not do this, your customers will continue to receive free shipping after their membership expires.
  • When the last of your customers’ 46Brix membership has expired, you can delete the 46Brix Customers Contact Type.

Additional Resources

Visit our FAQs.