What is 46Brix?

46Brix is a unique all-in-one shipping incentive and loyalty program. 46Brix consumer members pay $79 per year and receive unlimited ground shipping for our network of wineries. The result? Increased customer value & retention, greater share of wallet, and a referral program that allows you acquire new customers at low cost or a profit.

Do I have to be a WineDirect client to use 46Brix?

Yes. 46Brix is fully integrated into our ecommerce platform and is exclusively available to our clients.

How do my customers sign up for 46Brix?

Once you are enrolled in 46Brix as a winery, your customers can add a 46Brix membership to their shopping cart at checkout, just like any other product in your store.

When someone signs up for 46Brix on my website, do I keep their membership fee?

Yes. When your customers purchase a 46Brix membership you keep the entire fee ($79/year).

Do you share my customer list with other 46Brix wineries?

No. WineDirect will never share your customer list with anyone.

I’m a 46Brix winery, but I want to leave the program. How does that work?

You can leave 46Brix at any time. We only ask that you continue to offer free ground shipping to customers who signed up for 46Brix on your website until their membership expires. Please contact support to be removed.

What types of shipping are included in 46Brix?

46Brix applies to ground shipping only.

Can I exclude wine club shipments from 46Brix?

We can exclude certain shipment types, such as wine clubs, from 46Brix, however we do not recommend it. Your wine club members are your best customers: making them pay for shipping for their club shipments when they’ve joined 46Brix is not a good way to build loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. Our research shows that offering free shipping to club members drives reorders and increases AOV, more than making up for the cost of shipping.