Social Media Options

Social Media can now be added to a website at a granular level. This means you can setup Facebook Like, Google +1, Twitter, Pinterest, ShareThis, and Email options differently on the Product List, Product Drilldown, Blog List, and Blog Drilldown pages.

If you don't currently have social media options on your website, you can request to have them turned on by emailing our support team at

Executing Effective Social Media: Learn more about the use of executing effective social media. Learn More >

Executing Effective Social Media

Since Facebook introduced the 'Like' button, ecommerce companies reported an increase in traffic and sales after implementing the button.

American Eagle found that Facebook 'Like' traffic spends 57% more money than non-Facebook traffic. saw a 100% increase in revenue after adding the 'Like' button.
Levi's saw a 40X increase in referral traffic from Facebook after adding the 'Like' button. 

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