Wine Bottle Sizes

The wine bottle sizes allow you to setup the different bottle sizes for wines listed on your website. The custom sizes that you setup will appear in a drop down select when adding wines to your site. 

Create Wine Bottle Sizes: Learn how to create wine bottle sizes. Learn More >

Create Wine Bottle Sizes

1. Navigate to Store > Products > Wine Bottle Sizes.

2. Click [+] Add A Bottle Size.

3. Give the bottle size a name in the Bottle Size field. 

4. Fill out the Bottle Size In Mililiters without the ml (eg. 750) > click Save.

You can also change existing bottle sizes if you wish to correct or adjust any current sizes (i.e. If you want to change a display from 705 to 750) to correct any misinformation when importing products. This will change the name of the size and all products assigned to the old size will still be assigned to the new name.

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