Suggested Products

The Suggested Product option allows you to cross sell wines on your website. This feature automatically picks products and displays them throughout your website (locations can include the cart, modal cart and checkout), recommending wines before your customers checkout.

How It Works: Learn more about how Suggested Products work. Learn More >

Getting Started: Learn how to implement Suggested Products through a web designer. Learn More >

How It Works

Suggested products dynamically (automatically) pull wines and displays them on set locations on your site.  These set locations include: cart, modal cart and checkout.  The wines that are suggested are from what a particular customer chooses and is based on either order history, your product database wine attributes, or a combination of both.

Order History Based on last wine added to the customers’ cart, Vin65’s system will show wines other customers bought when they also bought that wine.
Wine Attributes These are configured on a weighted scale from 1 (low) to 5 (high).
Price Wines that are recommended based on a price similar to the wine that the customer has chosen.
Varietal Wines that are recommended based on a similar wine variety that the customer has chosen.
Appellation Wines that are recommended from a similar region that the customer has chosen.
Both (Order History & Wine Attributes) Uses a combination of the wine attributes and order history outlined above but order history will override wine attributes most often.

When a customer goes to purchase a product on your site, the suggested wines will be automatically pulled from your wines for the customer to see.

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Getting Started

Implementation (including choosing/weighing the parameters) of this feature will need to be done by your designer, as it needs to be styled to look like it’s part of your website.

Design information and documentation for designers on Suggested Products can be found in our Designer Launch section of the documentation site here.

Please contact your designer (whether it’s Vin65 or an outside firm) to implement this feature on your site.   A small design fee will be charged since Vin65 will have to fit the design onto your current site.

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