Spirit Regions

You can create custom spirit regions to assign to a spirit when you create them.

Create a Spirit Region: Learn how to create a spirit region. Learn More >

Create a Spirit Region

1. In the Admin Panel, navigate to Store > Products > Spirit Region.

2. Click [+] Add a Spirit Region.

3. Now begin to add the information for the Spirit Region, including the Region name of it, (for example: Islay, Highlands, Kentucky), and the Country (USA, Canada, Australia).

4. Now add the Order that it should display in the admin panel.

5. Press the blue Save button.

6. Now go to the Marketing section and press the blue Edit button. Here you can add a marketing URL, along with all of the relevant meta information. If you have a large number of products and plan to use our advanced product search functionality, this meta information will be used on a category page created specifically for this brand for search purposes.

7. Lastly click Save.

After you create your spirit regions they will be available from the Region drop down menu when adding a spirit.

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