Related Products

You can use the Related Products section for either accessories or to cross-sell items of a similar type. Read the following text to learn more about Related Products:

How To Add A Related Product: Learn how to add a Related Product. Learn More >

How Related Products Appear: Learn how Related Products appear on your website. Learn More >

How To Add A Related Product

1. Select the product.

2. From the right hand Product Properties menu, select Manage Related Products.

3. Click [+] Add Related Product.

4. In the Product Search pop-up window, search for products by using a single field such as SKU or Name, use multiple fields, or just press Search

5. Once you have found the product you wish to use, click Add Save.

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Here are the definitions of each field in the Related Products section:

Name Search by the name of the Product.
SKU Search by the SKU of the Product.
Brand Search by a specific set of Product Brands.
Department Search by a specific set of Departments.
Category Search by a specific category (page).

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How Related Products Appear

Below is an example of how the Related Products will appear on your website. By default the products will display across the bottom of your Product Drilldown page in a 3-across layout: 

Related Products cannot be rearranged, products are selected at random.

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