Here you will learn how to add media, such as downloadable PDF tasting notes, to your product. 

How To Add Product Media: Learn how to add product media. Learn More >

How Product Media Appears: Learn how product media appears on your website. Learn More >

How To Add Product Media

1. Select the product.

2. From the right hand Product Properties menu, select Manage Media.

3. Click [+] Add Media.

4. Add the details of your media.

5. Press Save.

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Here are the definitions of each field in the Media section:

Title This will display on the front end of the website to show the name of the Media you want your customer to download.
Type The type you are currently allowed to provide is PDF.
Caption By default this does not display on the standard product layout for media.
Order The "Order" number will decide how it displays both in the Admin Panel and the website. If there are multiple pieces of media to choose from in a single Pod location, the one in the first position, "Order: 1", will display in first position online.
Thumbnail It is not required for you to upload a custom thumbnail. This allows you to upload a small customized thumbnail image for your customer to click on to download. This is a pleasant alternative to the default PDF thumbnail used by a browser. The image you use here will be automatically sized to fit the 35 pixel width size.  This Thumbnail should be in JPEG or PNG format.
*Media You will need to upload the PDF media you wish to share with your customers. 

*Required Fields 

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How Product Media Appears

Below is an example of how the product media will appear on your website:

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