Bottle Deposits 

Our bottle deposits feature helps you manage the monetary deposit collected on beverage containers. While most U.S. states charge a flat rate, many Canadian provinces charge based on container size. You can rely on our platform to automatically configure bottle deposit amounts for you based on your location and the size of each bottle purchased, and charge each customer the correct amount.

Bottle Deposits: Learn more information about bottle deposits and how they work. Learn More >

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Bottle Deposits

If your order contains a wine product, the appropriate bottle deposit will automatically be charged determined by two factors: 

  1. The size of the wine bottle in mililitres
  2. The physical location of your winery

Here are the rates charged for Canadian provinces. These rates are determined by the Provincial Government:

  • British Columbia: Up to 1000ml: $0.10, greater than 1000ml: $0.20
  • Alberta: Up to 1000ml: $0.10, greater than 1000ml: $0.25
  • Saskatchewan: Up to 300ml: $0.10, 300-1000ml: $0.20, greater than 1000ml: $0.40
  • Manitoba: No bottle deposits on wine bottles.
  • Ontario: Up to 630ml: $0.10, greater than 630ml: $0.20
  • Quebec: No bottle deposits on wine bottles.
  • New Brunswick: Up to 500ml: $0.10, greater than 500ml: $0.20
  • Newfoundland: Flat rate: $0.20
  • Nova Scotia: Up to 500ml: $0.10, greater than 500ml: $0.20
  • Northwest Territories: Up to 1000ml: $0.10, greater than 1000ml: $0.25
  • Prince Edward Island: Up to 500ml: $0.10, greater than 500ml: $0.20
  • Yukon: Up to 500ml: $0.10, greater than 500ml: $0.35
  • Nunavut: No bottle deposits on wine bottles.

Here are the rates charged for U.S. states:

  • Iowa: Flat rate: $0.05
  • Additional States: Set up by request


If your winery is located in British Columbia, an additional charge of $0.10 will be added to an order for all bottles smaller than 1000ml. All bottles larger than 1000ml will incur an additional charge of $0.20

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When are bottle deposits charged on an order?

Bottle deposits are charged by default on all pickup orders once enabled. For shipped orders, you can configure the appropriate charges for your state/province in the State Profile section of each state or province - see below.

Where can I configure bottle deposits?

To turn bottle deposit functionality on, someone at your winery with developer permissions or a domain admin can navigate to Settings > Website Settings > Store > State Profile and check the box marked Bottle Deposit. This will activate bottle deposits for pickup orders, and allow you to turn on bottle deposits for shipping orders by following the next step.

Once you've activated bottle deposit functionality, anyone with State Profile access (including basic admins) can turn on bottle deposits for shipping orders by navigating to Store > State Profile > Select the State/Province > Edit Wines. Check the box marked "Charge on Shipped Wine."

When you first enable Bottle Deposits, the Charge on Shipped Wine option will be disabled for all States/Provinces.

Do bottle deposits work with loyalty points, refunds, and exchanges?

Yes, yes and yes!

Why does the wrong bottle deposit amount show up?

In the admin panel, under website settings, ensure the default ship state is set correctly.  In the POS profile that you are using, ensure that the physical location you have specified for the address is correct.

Are bottle deposits charged on bundled wine?

Yes, bottle deposits will work when using our bundles feature.

My winery is located in a state that is not listed. How do I set up bottle deposits for my state?

Bottle deposits have only been set up for states and provinces in which wineries are currently charging bottle deposits. If your winery is located in the U.S. within a state that isn't listed, please email to set up the bottle deposit feature.


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